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Steak Tartare

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Adjust Servings:
600 Beef tenderloin
80 g Pickled cucumber
80 g Onion
4 pcs Yolk
50 g Capers
2 tsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp Ketchup
1 tbsp Parsley leaves
to taste Salt
to taste Grounded black pepper

Steak Tartare

  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • 20 min
  • Serves 4
  • Medium




Steak tartare is a dish made from raw beef. In restaurants, they also make if from salmon or avocado though. Except for presentation, these dishes have nothing to do with the original steak tartare. According to the Internet, the dish originated in Slavic regions associated with Mongol encroachment and it later became popular in America, and now in Europe, too. Or maybe it was invented in North France? The origins of steak tartare are not completely clear but the fact remains that it’s a popular dish made from raw beef with onions, pickles, and capers, seasoned with mustard and Worcestershire sauce, and often served with a raw egg yolk. 

Which cuts of beef to choose for steak tartare? It should be tender and lean, so choose tenderloin, or try making with sirloin using the technique below. For tartare, the raw beef is usually finely chopped or ground. But let me tell you a secret! The most fluffy and delicious steak tartare is made with scraped beef. It’s a time-consuming process but it’s worth it. Besides, this technique will also work perfectly fine with less tender cuts, like a round. 

The technique is as follows: hold the knife perpendicular to the meat surface and scrape it across. It makes the thinnest pieces of different shapes and sizes that produce an incredibly airy texture that can’t be achieved with the ground or chopped beef. 

Besides, this technique allows getting pure meat without any connective tissues (you’ll have to remove them once in a while anyway) which is impossible when you grind or chop beef. 

You have to try this technique out!

This is a classic recipe that brings out the flavor of the beef itself. But you can also add cognac, tabasco and/or Worcestershire sauce, paprika, or anchovy paste for spiciness.

Enjoy! Go for it! 

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Finely dice the onion and cucumber. Finely chop the capers and parsley.
Combine 2 egg yolks in a bowl.


In a bowl, combine together half of the cucumbers, onions, capers, the remaining 2 egg yolks, and parsley. Season with salt, pepper, mustard, and ketchup. Combine well.


Carefully transfer the meat to the bowl. Add the egg yolk & veggies mixture. Mix carefully. Try not to flatten the beef.


With cool hands, form the mixture into flattened mounds and place one mound onto each individual serving plate. Garnish with the remaining onion, cucumber, and capers. Pour the egg yolks over the mounds. Sprinkle with coarse sea salt.


Serve right away.

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