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Coconut Panna Cotta with Sea Buckthorn Sauce

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Adjust Servings:
Panna cotta:
500 ml of Coconut milk full fat canned milk
250 ml of Hazelnut milk Or other plant milk
10 g of Gelatin leaf gelatin
100 g of Sugar white
1 Vanilla pod
Sea buckthorn sauce:
100 g of Sea buckthorn
2 tbsp. of Sugar white Or honey to taste

Coconut Panna Cotta with Sea Buckthorn Sauce

  • 30 min
  • Serves 6
  • Medium


  • Panna cotta:

  • Sea buckthorn sauce:



Honestly, panna cotta was one of my favorite desserts. I learned to make it masterfully at home, better than any restaurant. However, now I don’t eat dairy products so what can I do?

I’m sharing a recipe for coconut panna cotta. It certainly doesn’t have the creamy taste and color. However, I found a combination of coconut milk and hazelnut milk to give just the right delicate texture, interesting flavor and the right white color. The hazelnut milk is beige and balances the perfect whiteness of the coconut. Natural vanilla blends perfectly with the coconut flavor. Well, the black dots are the unbeatable charm of the dessert.

Speaking of black dots! Have you noticed sometimes in restaurants, they all center on the bottom of the dessert? There is a secret in the recipe on how to get perfectly distributed vanilla dots in panna cotta!

Now for the sauce… I chose sea buckthorn because of its healthiness, unusual flavor and gorgeous color. I recommend it for coconut panna cotta. But you can make a similar sauce with any frozen berries, you only need to adjust its sweetness.

Bon Appétit!

The recipe for the classic panna cotta is here for everything 🙂

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If using leaf gelatin, soak it in cold water. If using a powdered one, soak it in 1/4 tsp of hazelnut milk.


Place the coconut milk, hazelnut milk and sugar in a small saucepan. Cut the vanilla bean lengthwise, scrape out the seeds and put them in the milk. The bean itself goes in the same place (we will remove it later). Heat all the ingredients, stirring to dissolve the sugar. Heat until the sugar has dissolved and the liquid is noticeably hot to the touch. So, you need the gelatin to dissolve, but the temperature must not exceed 70 degrees otherwise, it won't solidify. The easiest way is to use a kitchen thermometer.


When the mixture is hot enough, remove the vanilla bean, add the gelatin and stir until completely dissolved. Then, stir it until it is completely dissolved. If you are using leaf gelatin, squeeze the water out completely. If you are using powdered gelatin, put it all together with the liquid.


Let the mixture cool to room temperature. Then pour into molds and place them into the fridge for at least 4 hours or better overnight.



If you want the black spots of vanilla not to accumulate at the bottom of the panna cotta but to be beautifully distributed throughout its entire volume, there is a catch to it.
When the mixture has cooled to room temperature, don't pour it into molds, but put everything into the fridge. Then take it out and stir until smooth every 20 minutes. When the mixture becomes thick as kissel, the black dots will no longer sink in. At this point, you can put the mixture into molds and place them into the fridge to solidify.
You will have the most beautiful panna cotta!



Place sea buckthorn berries (fresh or frozen) in a saucepan, add sugar (unless we use honey, put it in the cooled sauce) and heat over low heat for a few minutes. When the juice begins to emerge, smash the berries in the saucepan and heat until the sugar is completely dissolved, no longer and do not boil. Let the mixture cool and blend it in a blender. Sea buckthorn has pretty dense seeds. So, you can either rub the ready sauce through a sieve to get rid of the hard parts or enjoy the unusual texture (my version :))

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