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Styrian Beef Salad – Summer Version

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Adjust Servings:
The base:
200 g Boiled beef
300 g Cooked beans
4 Egg(s) hard-boiled
1 Red onion medium sized
The summer part:
2 handfuls Salad mix
4 Radish
1 Cucumber
5 Cherry tomatoes
3 tbsp. Apple vinegar
5 tbsp. Pumpkin seed oil Can be more to your taste
to taste Salt

Styrian Beef Salad – Summer Version

  • 25 min
  • Serves 2
  • Medium


  • The base:

  • The summer part:

  • Заправка:



You must realize that scarlet runner beans (Käferbohnen), pumpkin seed oil and apples are the pride of Styria, which is the gourmet region of Austria.  Meanwhile, boiled beef is a symbol of Austrian cuisine (Tafelspitz). Therefore, the salad made of these ingredients is one of the iconic dishes of Austria. Actually, this is a winter salad and it is made only with meat, eggs, onions and beans, but its summer version is more to my liking. In my opinion, it is a harmonious and interesting salad to taste, which is also balanced in terms of healthy approaches to nutrition. 

This kind of salad would make for a whole lunch or dinner.

You must try it!

Use pumpkin seed oil and apple vinegar only!

Bon Appétit!

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Cut the cold-boiled beef into very thin strips and slice the onion into thin half-rings. Put the onion and meat in a bowl, add apple vinegar and salt, mix them up and let marinate for 15 minutes.


While the meat is marinating, slice the radish and cucumber thinly and the cherry tomatoes into quarters. Cut hard-boiled eggs into quarters.


When the meat and onions are ready, combine the vegetables, onions and meat, dress generously with pumpkin seed oil, salt to taste, and mix it. To serve, place it on the plates and garnish with quarters of eggs.

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