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Sprouted sunflower seed mayonnaise

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Adjust Servings:
50 g Sunflower seeds
500 ml of Water
1 tsp. of White wine vinegar 5%
1 tsp. of Dijon mustard
1 tbsp. of Water cold water
2 tsp. of Lemon juice to taste
4 tbsp. of Extra Virgin olive oil optional
1/4 tsp. of Honey optional
to taste Salt
to taste Grounded black pepper

Sprouted sunflower seed mayonnaise

  • Dairy-Free
  • Gluten-Free
  • Vegan
  • Vegetarian
  • Serves 4
  • Medium


  • Sprouting:

  • Mayonnaise:



If you are a fan of mayonnaise but want to eat healthily, this is another option for making a sauce that you would be interested in.

You probably know that sprouted seeds are much healthier than dried ones and are better digested. Let’s use the full potential of sunflower seeds and make a healthy variation of mayonnaise.

Let me tell you right away, it won’t be as white and fluffy as the industrial one, but it will be very similar in taste and consistency. At the same time, all the nutrients in the most digestible form are already preserved in it.

If you haven’t sprouted seeds yet, don’t be scared, it’s very easy!

Try it!

Bon Appetit!

P.S. You will get about 120 to 150 grams of mayonnaise from 50 g of seeds.

P.S.S. The surface of the sauce will darken when stored in the fridge but that’s normal, stir it before serving.

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Pour raw and peeled fresh sunflower seeds in room temperature water, add vinegar and leave them to soak overnight.
In the morning, drain the water and rinse the seeds. Then, drain all the water well and put the wet seeds in a glass jar. Put the lid on but do not cap it and leave the seeds at room temperature for two or three days to sprout.
Every day, in the morning and evening ( you can do it more often), rinse the seeds and drain the water well and then put them to sprout further the same way.
After one day, the first tiny 1 mm white sprouts should appear.
Mayonnaise can usually be made on the 2nd or 3rd day when the white sprouts have become about 3 to 5 mm long. Don't wait for the green leaves with them because it will be too late for mayonnaise, but great for a salad.
Sprouted seeds can also be added to salads and eaten raw (start with 1 tbsp a day).


Rinse the sprouted seeds and drain the water well. Place the seeds, mustard and a pinch of salt in the blender, add a little cold water and lemon juice and blend to a smooth paste. While processing, add the lemon juice, mustard and salt to taste and water if needed for consistency. In the finished mayonnaise season with black or white ground pepper to taste.


Sprouted sunflower seed mayonnaise can be used as ordinary mayonnaise for salads, appetizers and as a sauce.
Bon Appétit!

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