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Flambéing is a culinary term that comes from French flamber (to flame). Flambéing is a cooking procedure in which any liquor such as rum, brandy or whiskey is ignited to create a burst of flames. Beside flambéing looks impressing, it also reduces the alcoholic content of the dish while keeping the flavors of the liquor.

Technique Peculiarities:

  1. A flame flares immediately and rises high, so what is important is safety:
    1. Remove all flammable objects, like towel (paper ones especially), napkins, curtains etc.
    2. Use a pan with a long handle.
    3. Use long matches for lighting and keep a pan with an ignited dish away from yourself.
    4. Ask your kids to keep away.
  2. A pan. Since the flame temperature of alcohol is extremely high, use stainless steel or cast iron pan (enamel and non-stick pans may be spoiled by flames).
  3. Technique. Pour liquor in a separate small pot (or a Turkish coffee pot with a long handle) or in a table spoon, if a small amount of alcohol is required, light and pour it over a dish immediately. Watch the flames distributing over the dish, enjoy the performance and wait for the flames to go out. Serve right after the dish has been flambéed.
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